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An Introduction to the Yacht and Small Craft Industry and the Role of the Yacht and Small Craft Surveyor

  • Yachting safety
  • The flag state
  • Maritime and coastguard Agency (MCA)
  • Marine Accident Investigation Branch
  • Recreational Craft Directive
  • Classification societies
  • The purchase of a yacht
  • Inspection
  • Negotiation and contract
  • Survey
  • The law and yachts
  • Merchant shipping legislation and yachts
  • Marine insurance
  • The surveyor and the law
  • Health & safety for the marine surveyor
  • Safety equipment and safety awareness
  • Surveys and survey organisations

The Essential Basics of Carrying out a Yacht survey

  • Types of survey
  • Condition surveys
  • Classification surveys
  • Statutory surveys
  • Fitness for purpose, performance and other types of survey
  • Overview of the survey process
  • The instruction
  • Survey preparation
  • Survey day
  • The report
  • The surveyors bag

Report Writing for Marine Surveyors

  • The basic of reports
  • Preparing for the report
  • Terminology vs jargon
  • Report types
  • Pre-purchase condition surveys (PPCS)
  • Hull damage surveys
  • Writing the report
  • Presenting photographs

Running a Successful Yacht and Small Craft Surveying Business

  • Defining what a business does
  • The business plan
  • The value of your time
  • Marking your business
  • The SWOT analysis
  • Finance
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Basic book-keeping
  • Choosing your office

Essential Law

  • Introduction to the English law and the national legal system
  • The law of contract
  • The law of tort (negligence)
  • Liability in contract and tort
  • The expert witness and the law of evidence
  • Admiralty law and jurisdiction
  • International marine law
  • Yacht documentation
  • Small craft insurance policies

Surveying GRP Yachts

  • Basic Fibreglass materials
  • Reinforcement
  • Building techniques
  • Common problems with structure
  • Osmosis
  • Practical surveying of GRP craft

Surveying Steel and Aluminium Yachts

  • Types of steel and aluminium
  • Welding and weld defects
  • Types of corrosion
  • Steel hull construction
  • Aluminium hull construction
  • Ultra sonic thickness measurement
  • Typical steel and aluminium hull problem areas
  • protecting steel and aluminium

Surveying Wooden Boats

  • Fundamentals of a wooden boat survey
  • Engineering principals of wooden boat building
  • Degradation of wooden boats
  • Wooden boat survey
  • Planking
  • Decks
  • Damage surveys
  • Repairs and modifications

Surveying Yacht Engines and Systems

  • Engines
  • External and internal observations of the yacht
  • Drive systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Water systems
  • Fuel system
  • Bilge pumps
  • The limitations of the surveyor's role

Surveying Rigs and Sails

  • Rig types
  • Mast constructions materials and fabrications techniques
  • Rigging
  • Health and safety in rig surveying
  • Methods of rig surveying
  • Common rigging faults
  • Sail types
  • Sail materials
  • Methods of sail surveying
  • Common sail faults

Valuation Survey

  • What is value?
  • Valuations and the surveyor
  • Aspect of value
  • Physical defects and value
  • Valuations methodology
  • Sources of information
  • Depreciation as a method of determining value
  • Yacht brokers
  • The valuation report

Sea Trial

  • Preparation for sea trial
  • Engine tests
  • Steering tests
  • Other system tests
  • Information capture and reporting 

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